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The Rules Of Magic

It just didn’t make sense after a certain point. It failed to make me invested when it really could have. It was pretty disappointing if you ask me.

Seeing as how the entire setting is a family with magic and a curse. Which should have drawn me in. And hooked me. But it never did, instead. The story was all about the mystery behind.

And it really couldn’t have been the disappointment, since I have enjoyed a lot of books about it. Sadly, this was the minority.

It all went downhill, the moment they left Susanna. Who was the mom who tried to control and ensure that they could have a normal life. And they didn’t, until then, it was entertaining and oddly bewitching. Which I never really undetstood, given how normal everything seemed.

But the moment they left, it was all but that. The story lost the spark that made me read it, and I just couldn’t convince myself to finish. Because something was missing, no matter what I did. And well, it was pointless to force something that was not there in the first place.

And well, it just didn’t work. The moment they began to leave Susana, it just didn’t. The oddly colourful lives of Franny, Vincent and Jet. Just fell flat.

And well, maybe it’s for you. But it wasn’t for me. Not at all.

Rating: 1.5 out of 5


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