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Slowing Down Updates

Anyway, with me settling down into my new school in April, I will be slowing down my updates. Book reviews will take no more than three books per week, while writing posts will be around twice a month. Since I have finally settled and made my choice in how I will be viewed as a writer. I will share more of my experiences as a writer.

And mostly, to allow myself to devote more time to my writing and studies. But I still will be reading books, and also anime and manga reviews twice a month.

And I have reduced the number of books I am requesting from Netgalley, as well as getting the library books down to a size that I’m comfortable with.

These few months had some of the most intense book reviews I have done, which I will cut down on once I get back to school and this is no longer as easy to manage.

Posting everyday was tough, and not something that I wish to try again. And I will be doing some posts about chinese dramas, mostly about the situation as it is in the Chinese media.


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