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Vengeance Road

This was incredibly okay. I didn’t like the entire book, but I don’t hate it either. The story was predictable in some way and not in another.

I guess it is just something about the setting. There will be a lot of travelling, and a lot of moments where nothing happens. And also, they always seem to run into hunks. It is a trend, which I think is really compatible, given that this was the era of cowboys. And it just doesn’t work too well with me.

The story was somewhat predictable. Her father having a secret that deals with gold, check. But the surprise all comes later. Certain things which happen in the latter book was incredibly surprising, and still made Kate understandable and reliable.

Although I wished that it could have been stretched longer, especially given the potential of the villain. Whose entire personality and character will be about greed, and this is someone who has been around, and Ross is simply a red herring here.

Jesse was okay. I found them quite a nice couple, but it just didn’t make me addicted to the story at all.

There wasn’t anything that really stood out, unlike in Revenge and the Wild. But nothing which was irritating, and neither was there anything which made me tear my hair out. The writing was an added bonus, which felt so completely western and brilliant. It represented the culture and the style of speaking, and I just liked it. Even if the story could be better in my opinion. Other than some pretty clever plot twists, nothing was all that special.

Overall, this was pretty decent. Nothing which really shocked me, and it was done quite well. That counts for something. But it just failed to have that something extra to make me like the series immensely. But will I check out the next book, pretty much.

Rating: 3.5 out of 5


2 thoughts on “Vengeance Road

  1. Is “incredibly okay” the same as “supremely average”? Ha! I almost feel, if I were the author, a straight negative review would have been easier to stomach. I know what you mean by well-written but nothing special. But seeing as I see more books that are special but badly-written, maybe this is a positive.

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    1. Pretty much, it means that I don’t have anything that I really dislike about it, but it just doesn’t captivate me or make me fall in love with the book. And I do think that it is more of a positive, because it doesn’t exactly disappoint, but at least it doesn’t try to do something which is way above itself.

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