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Why I Dropped Princess Agents

By half of it, the only thing which motivated me to continue watching sadly was Yan Xun. The eventual main villain, because his transformation was the most believable out of all of them.

And his was the most entertaining. Understandable, and even made me root for him. Because of everything that he lost, I understood. The lengths he went to achieve it was morally questionable but I understood and cared.

But unfortunately, the rest of the characters were not remotely as entertaining. Yu Wenyue was everyone’s ideal of a perfect guy, willing to die for Chu Qiao, mysterious, jerky, brooding. Incredibly cold.

While Chu Qiao lost her agency by the middle of the story. And it got worse and worse. By every episode.

I had sympathy for the side characters more than anything else. I liked Xiao Ce, that ridiculous prince who dressed in red, only listened to women and no one else. Yuan Song remained as a likeable person, even towards the end. That really sad moment when he realised that in actual reality, Chu Qiao didn’t care for him.

It was a moment where he showed that he was a nicer person. And one with logic. Unlike his sister, when she was raped, she blamed the one person she shouldn’t have. If she had guts to face that Yan Xun was a jerk who abandoned her. But in her case, I still could understand her and the fact that she simply couldn’t face up to the truth.

As for the villains, the creepy pervert who killed girls. He has no depth, not at all. All I can remember is his incredibly perverse ways of defiling girls. Nothing else.

His grandson was someone that I did like better when compared to the upper one. A jerk to the very end, but showed rare moments of humanity, and was never willing to be a lapdog for his grandfather.

However, the leading main reasons why I still dropped was the fact that the end was anticlimatic, even by reading the recap. And the story took way too long to tie up the loose ends, such as ones which were balant from the first few episodes. That when it’s done, it seriously loses all the surprise.

Since the story moved on from it long ago. And the incredibly nonsensical romance, which never developed properly. Cheap scenes to make it feel real, which turned me off.

And despite the fact that I cared about some of the characters, I didn’t give a damn by the end as they simply weren’t enough to carry the story. And I won’t see the second season, they could have done it all in one and made a great drama. But for profit, they chose to sacrifice that.


8 thoughts on “Why I Dropped Princess Agents

    1. I agree, I hate the cold brooding love interest. Even when I write, I never actually do any of this at all. I like having characters who are more open, or at least don’t try to deny the fact that they like someone so vehemently, or decide to play the guardian angles, because reasons.

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      1. I especially hate it when they say that they are cold because of a sad life experience. People can have sad life experiences and still have EMOTIONS. If anything, they might be even more emotional than others.

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      2. Yup, I agree, boys should have emotions and be treated as it is normal not because they’re weak, different or otherwise.

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      3. Hopefully then these stereotypes will be eliminated and boys will be able to be whoever they want to be as characters, and not just fit into boxes of “cold, brooding, 100% straight” and “fun, happy, must be gay”

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  1. I watched the first season and was dismayed by the last scene and how the mystery behind Zing was finally explained. I liked the drama overall and will watch the 2nd season. I have a couple questions about the supporting characters that I hope the 2nd season will reveal. It looks like Master Wu is way more important and central to the story than shown in season 1 so I wonder if they will develop his character more. Also, they never explained what happened to the Jing sisters after Yan Xun’s bodyguard found them.

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