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Vices And Virtues

This was quite a simple anthology, centering all around vices and virtues. Except that it is often twisted, incredibly twisted and different from the original form.

The first story caught my attention by being all about cannibalism, and the idea behind it. As well as the thrall that the main character feels when she does it, eventually to becoming too much. Unique and memorable.

And so were some of the others. Such as Chandler and his tale, regarding him becoming a servant, when he sinned with sloth. Often becoming one of the most intriguing in its concept, and the way it was executed. That there is no way out and he is responsible. He simply learns to deal with it.

Some of the others never made much sense to me. Such as about Humility, and some just faded into my memory. But this does something different, which I don’t see quite often. About the idea of vice and virtues.

Another was Hurricane Evelyn, and the tale behind her. The story that made her be, and the way that she grew when she simply did things her own way. Leading her here.

But the ones which were unforgettable had been mostly vices, which is certainly true. As the spin it takes, are quite gruesome, different and often not something those with a light heart should read.

Overall, I liked it enough. Some of the stories were memorable, but most faded from my memory as it does with most anthologies. A surprising thing was that all of the writers here were all Wattpad writers, which made memorable tales to say the least.

Rating: 3 out of 5


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