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The Hazel Wood

I just didn’t understand the story at all. It took way too long, for anything to happen. And none of the characters were even remotely interesting.

Alice has nothing that really makes me interested in her. She is boring, and she lacks a lot of agency. She doesn’t do anything which will catch my eye, and a lot of times it is other characters who bring out the clues. It isn’t her seeking for them, or playing an active part in them.

And I don’t even know whether she is caring for her grandmother or not, seeing that when she was gone for nearly a year. It doesn’t seem to be of importance, that she was gone for a year, and somehow Alice doesn’t even bother to try during a few months.

And yet, it seems that the story was trying to portray them as close when they weren’t. And the mother in my mind wasn’t given the depth, or the proper development of the complicated emotions, seeing that Ella is her mother and Alice is her daughter. It has the potential to be an intriguing and real insight into how their relationship will function, seeing that Ella had left her alone with Anna.

I do think that she will have been way closer to her grandmother given how the story was written, and Ella and her should have a much more different story.

As for the real plot, I didn’t know where it was heading. Not at all, the plot was moving at a snail’s pace. Mostly about stories, and something which doesn’t make sense. Even more than half of the book went by, and I still don’t know much about her grandmother, or the story behind it.

And sadly, it just all made it difficult for me to enjoy the story. It took a long time just for her to meet Ellery, much less about the actual story regarding her grandmother. Pages were given to stories, and well, I didn’t feel that it added anything to the story at all. It just moved way too slow without anything to spice up the pages. But maybe it might be for you, but it didn’t work for me.

Rating: 2 out of 5


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