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The Babylon Rite

Well, nothing kept me awake unlike some of the better thrillers that I have read. Or even mysteries which kept me guessing.

This didn’t have any character which was the grounding character, with all of them being rather flat at best. And some mysterious murders occur, which are quite graphic, but somehow don’t give the impact that it is supposed to. Making me curious, fearful and anticipating what is happening next.

Although I enjoy books which combined history and myths together, blending them while having the characters at the centre. This doesn’t cut it. Because it doesn’t seem to be important, as the characters are either detectives, or archaeologist.

Even despite the fact the background was the South Americas, which will have made a very interesting backdrop to use. But it isn’t. Ultimately. Since it doesn’t draw upon the history, including a tiny bit of culture that will have drawn me in.

It just failed to do many of the things it could have done. The mystery was rather typical, nothing really intriguing. And well, it just didn’t work because it just lacked something which some books which kept me up at night have, but this didn’t.

Rating: 2 out of 5


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