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All The Crooked Saints

I just didn’t get it. Although I know magical realism will have a sense of mystery, and the magic will not be prominent at all.

But nothing actually made sense here. About any of the miracles, and I don’t get to see even one in action. To be able to get a feel. There is a lot of them, but it just lacked the atmosphere that a lot of them has. A whimsical tale, surrounding families, spanning generations, and often between siblings.

Here, I couldn’t feel a thing for Beatriz or any of the Sorias. None of their quirks were highlighted well enough for me to like them. Which made it all harder to even like them. Since a lot of these books often have an identifying trait, and a certain unique story behind it.

Nothing here seemed really delved deeply into, or making me like them enough to care about them. Which is key, to letting me see what sort of strange events happen throughout the story.

Which naturally, doesn’t occur here. And makes it incredibly hard for me to like them. Or even care about the plot at all. It just didn’t charm me to like the writing, the characters which will have been hard. Since a lot of these books depend heavily on the writing to make a solid atmosphere, things that seem magical and normal at the same time.

This just had none of it. Although I liked the idea of saints and the price for a miracle to happen. That was an interesting concept, especially for this genre. But its execution left much to be desired.

Rating: 2 out of 5


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