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Why I Still Think Nirvana In Fire Is The Best

#1 The Story

A lot of us shed tears for the ending, and I still can relook at Nirvana in Fire, with hope, and enjoyment. I still look for gifs regarding the series, I still look at tumblr, and I was addicted to Nirvana In Fire Fanfiction after the drama.

Because I cared for all the characters, even the villains showed some humanity, drive and motives. None of them existed solely for another person.

#2 The Women Were True Representation Of Feminism

If you ask me, till this day Nirvana in Fire was the best series that I could think of when it came to women. And they weren’t in the spotlight, they were always by the side. This isn’t a show about girls, but about men and their schemes.

Yet, it had some of the most memorable women that beats those dramas centered around women. Completely. Most female leads sadly tends to be Mary Sues these days, with an innocence that makes you want to cringe, and the brilliance which they never show.

Also, men always had to come in to save the women. Or the girls sacrificed themselves willingly. While Nirvana In Fire Women truly lived, Nihuang being a commander and not depending on a man even when it could have been easier for her. Commanding an incredibly large army, with the men respecting and following her orders.

Xia Dong, and her story. A tragic widow, but still gained the respect of all the men who worked for her in the Xuanjing Bureau. She mourned her own husband, but it was never the centre of her life, nor did she commit suicide.

And the Qin Banruo, who could drive a wedge without Xiao Jingyan and Mei Changsu. All the while she doesn’t serve Prince Yu because she loves him, but because he is what she has left. In hopes of having Hua return.

They had men in their lives, but they rarely were the reason of their existence. They loved them, but they respect their own lives and seek to live rather than die, rather than making it all about the men they lost.

They exist, for themselves, they don’t just devote their entire minds, bodies and souls like so many other dramas do. They care, but it is just a piece of them. They can live on without them.

Sadly, not a lot of Chinese dramas with a female lead does that. I will get to it in another post.

#3 It Focused On The Right Things

It did the one thing it could not have done better, it delivered the right things at the right moments. The execution was flawless, the acting was on point. And I could watch it again and again, and still enjoy the drama.


3 thoughts on “Why I Still Think Nirvana In Fire Is The Best

    1. Agree, although I still don’t have time to really get into the sequel. As much as I tell myself, it will be one of these days


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