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The Light In The Labyrinth

I just didn’t understand what this was all about. It was often quite boring, and sometimes failed to move me at all. Although it was about Katherine Carey, who in this case was the bastard daughter of Henry VIII.

I liked her at the beginning. She was rather charming, and entertaining at times. Likeable even. But that all seemed to fade the moment the other characters were introduced. And the relationships between all the characters aren’t deep, they seem quite superficial rather than meaningful.

I did like Anne Boleyn in this regard. Although I will have preferred if she was allowed more chances to show her character. As well as all the other characters.

A reason why I dislike the story set in first person because there really wasn’t anything interesting that dominated Katherine’s life. Just a lot of telling regarding court matters, and some important events. But that’s about it.

Because she is so in the background and rarely ever has a real role to play, it just makes it difficult for me to enjoy the story, or see the true things behind it. And because of the way it was written, she has to be the centre of it all for it to work.

But it just didn’t. The romance between her and some random guy was never really properly elaborated on, nor did I feel the impact that she could not marry him if she wanted, the emotions that she felt. I felt nothing throughout those times.

Or anything which made me feel as though I was in the time period, learning all the intricacies, the life they led, and the inability to do a lot of things. It just felt that I was reading it from afar, not immersed in the story.

And that is why, I just couldn’t like it. Because it doesn’t bring me to the place, it simply tells me, it doesn’t really do the necessary development to make me care about all of them. No matter how small. And this was why it largely became a disappointment.

Rating: 2 out of 5


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