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The Lost Season Of Snow And Love

This was enjoyable and entertaining. Even if it was slow, but Natalya sufficed as a character that entertained and her thoughts were enjoyable, relatable and entertaining.

She is different from the other girls, who loved her glasses. Her love for the art, and wish to be different. A reason why she could end up drawing Alexander in the first place. The realness of her character, her thoughts never seemed to be superficial. But almost showing a lot of what she thought, she still lived within the time constraints, but she still broke them.

Her romance with Alexander was undefendable, likeable and I loved their encounters. And eventually, how they led their married life. That was some of the most blissful moments, before it became rather sad.

And I enjoyed how Natalya ended up being the centre. She was important, she wasn’t as though the cause but never actually did anything. She did something, to help and made a choice. To preserve her family, and never looked back. She decided and set her mind to get herself married to Alexander. No matter what the cost will be. Or what she will exchange. Because to her, it was worth it.

And that she was the one who made the choice for herself. Not because of some really ridiculous notion of love, but also because of the fact that she could content herself with him. The fact that she will became much more watched than before. And that she was willing to risk such a life, because she was happier her. It wasn’t about the money, it never was. And Natalya never waited for anything to happen. She simply looked for them.

And she took action. Which was why I appreciated her for who she was. Her story was something that is written, with her being the true protagonist. Not just as the catalyst but little else. Her thoughts, her emotions are the centre of the story. And indeed, I appreciated it.

Russia as of now, is still a society where women are little more than property. And no matter what they did, they could become hated. If they rejected a man, they were cold and unfeminine. If they accepted a man too readily, they were far too open and still unfeminine.

And Natalya navigated it as best as she could. Doing as much as she can to live rather than just survive, for herself and her choices.

And that to me, was something that I liked. It is slow, but Natalya was worth it. Her life that was never documented, her thoughts never revealed. Because she was not a man. And I enjoyed it. If you disliked her, then don’t read it. It isn’t for you. It is all about her thoughts, her life and what she thought of it. In the most important part of it, that was written about her.

Rating: 4 out of 5


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