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Vanitas No Carte

I enjoyed the manga. Immensely, the creative world of Vanitas no Carte and take on vampires, the mystery which reminds me of Pandora Hearts and keeps me continuously attached to the series.

But all the while being quite different. The humor is rather unlike most that I see in anime, but it is there. It plays on character traits that have been established or highlights some of them.

Mostly due to Noe and his incredibly naive ways due to being raised by the countryside and often getting lost. There were a lot of hilarious moments with it.

While Vanitas is an enigma, most of the time sane, but he can act completely loco. I mean it. One moment he is already a little strange, and too cheerful. The next, he is far worse.

The setting is in France, probably in the late 18th century. About vampires that are normal if they drink blood, abnormal otherwise. The magic is somewhat still unexplained. But what we do know is that Vanitas can cure them.

The manga is mysterious, but enticing. Very little is still revealed, all the while managing to keep my attention elsewhere. But still centered around Vanitas, and their adventures. And some hints are thrown, even if it still makes incredibly little sense at first but will likely be true.

I found myself reading, and I just can’t stop. Not at all. The characters are endearing, all of them. They make me like them, and transport me into the series. The art is lush, very detailed and beautiful to just look at.

And well, with a gripping story and good art, I just can’t stop. So, if you like Pandora Hearts then it is for you. It takes a lot of elements, but there are many differences in the story when compared to the other. And it managed to satisfy me so much that I just began to buy the individual chapters. And I don’t think I will regret it.


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