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Godwine Kingmaker

This was far more than what I anticipated or even felt about it. A time where I was unfamiliar, but instead of a king it was through the eyes of an earl.

A very powerful one who controlled much of the power at the time. This was his story, as his rise and eventual fall. In a way, he wasn’t the one I connected with. But rather all the other characters who had seem to take the spotlight rather than him.

Such as Gytha, his wife who at first spent a long time despising him. For all he was. And the next was his daughter Edith one which surprised me by the end. This was a lot more than just a biography, it was also about his family.

But one thing which made this stand out had been Edward the Confessor, the king that Godwine served and was his foil as well. The man who he put on the throne, but eventually turned against him. Because it was just normal for a king to do so, if he wanted to consolidate power.

It is normal as many rulers have killed their best and brightest, if they have stepped out of line. And here, it makes a lot of sense. A man who had seen bloodshed within his own family and what had been necessary to get it done.

It was the reason why I could buy so much into it, as Edward didn’t just have no reason, it was there from the start and it was something that was solid. At least if he felt differently about the issue.

Overall, this was a tale where the villain shined the most and was an integral part to it. And he is the one which kept my attention above all else. But otherwise, it will have been much lesser than this.

Rating: 5 out of 5


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