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The Warehouse Industry

It was okay, the journey was interesting by all means and it was a nice story. Not perfect by all means, but with a charming main character that worked.

The main character is just about to attend his brother’s wedding, where he is a far less successful man than his brother. And that he spends most of it there, thinking reflecting in how he is far worse when compared to his brother.

It is a simple but somewhat confusing story. At times, it is slow and sometimes painfully so. But the story had a charming character who always kept my interest which was why I enjoyed him above all.

It is slow, but there are some surprising relevations at the end of the day. Although I do admit that more clarity will have made it better, easier to understand than end up wondering where was it going.

But otherwise, the character is really the only reason why I read the book.

Rating: 3 out of 5


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