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Because You Love To Hate Me

Some of them were good, some were terrible. And some I simply forgot. But I was nonetheless surprised at how the tales were, different, unique and trying to make the effort to be different.

They all are, at some level. But not all make themselves really stand out as great tales, and some are memorable and deep. But a lot of them simply didn’t have coherence or good execution and writing to keep my attention.

The most memorable were about Sherlock Holmes retelling, the last story about Sera, and also the tale of the Erl-queen. Which were some of the most feminist tales, critiquing the society at the time and how it devalues the opinion of a woman. Dismissing their needs and wants, and treating them as objects to be sold and gained.

Or a girl that simply wasn’t the idea of a typical daughter. And I liked them the most as they had a lot more depth which was explored and connected with me.

But of course, this is a anthology about villains. Read it if you’re interested in it, some will be good, some will be forgettable. But there will be something for you as there is quite a variety.

Rating: 3 out of 5


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