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What’s Going On In Gintama?

Unlike a lot of thoughts, Gintama hasn’t ended just yet. At least in the way I thought it should have to fit the series. Which has passed.

But it didn’t, instead it took a swerve, and somehow dealt with the lingering issues behind Utsuro in a way that surprised even me. Although the strangest things happened since them.

Basically, a reference to Trump in the most hilarious way.
Sougo became the head of the the mafia

And Shinpachi followed in Gintoki’s footsteps

And from there a much deeper plot which follows. And not to mention Kondou married a real gorilla.

Gintama gave me the feeling that it was about to end, but took a huge change at the end. In a way that surprised even me. But at the same time, it doesn’t feel like it’s milking anything at all. It is exploring something, and not compromising any of the characters and if anything feels that this last run still has some weight to it.

It is all about Utsuro, albeit in a different manner. The rest, you can find it out yourself although it is a little slow paced for my liking. But it does have some things which I could think it will finally tie up and give some closure to certain characters, such as Katsura who I did believe had been one of Shouyou’s disciples but never really given the same kind of depth he had with his sensei. So, this arc could do that and it does seem so with recent developments.

One common thing is that although Gintama gave a good climax it didn’t manage to resolve some of the other issues that came before it, and this will be a good time to do all of that, and it seems to be the main aim of the story with the recent chapters and the author will tie them up as we had seen some of the best foreshadowing and the biggest amount of time that went to build up before it payed off. Comedy arcs can’t be thrown away, if you went to watch any of the serious arcs with no background knowledge beforehand you’ll be pretty much confused and wondering what all of them are doing.

And I think it’s tying up some of the loose ends before it’ll finish, I know this won’t go down the direction of Naruto with Boruto, since most of the story had been covered beforehand and were actually given good conclusions and development.

So, I’m just down for this last ride with Gintama before it ends.


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