Why I Won’t Watch The Legend Of Wu Mei Niang

#1 It is an insult to the them real and only Chinese female Emperor

I am not kidding. Wu Meiniang is a naive kind hearted girl, while Wu Zetian entered the palace as an aggressive, forthcoming young lady. Wu Meiniang was loved by almost everyone, and those who disagreed with her were evil(just by seeing the recaps, I knew they butchered Xu Hui, who was Taizong’s favorite), but Wu Zetian was never loved by Emperor Taizong, even whether she loved his son, Emperor Gaozong is debatable.

Wu Zetian could be believed to have the ability to become a true Emperor, all her morals can be questioned, she was not a good mother or wife, we can be certain. But she showed skill to remain as Emperor for fifteen years when she was a woman.

#2 It is 96 Episodes, and I know it isn’t worth my time

A lot of people have mentioned that it was a disappointment, and really I don’t need to find out. I have read enough blogposts about this to know that it isn’t worth my time. And this drama is very very long, it is 96 Episodes, and I could see that they skipped over the most exciting parts of her reign. When she was Emperor, and how she will command the subjects.

And that the first half was all about her and Emperor Taizong. When anyone in actual history will know that Taizong never liked her, she wasn’t his type. He preferred gentle, intelligent girls instead of a tomboyish and aggressive one like Wu Zetian.

Also, having her follow him to war? Seriously, it makes zero sense.

#3 It is not historically accurate

Although drama has a creative license and I can accept changes. But really, they let down Wu Zetian, her entire story, her entire character. It was all gone, Wu Meiniang here seems more like a Mary Sue if you ask me. They didn’t show what made her Wu Zetian, the aggression, the ambition and the ruthlessness. Instead, it was all about her pure gentle character. Which isn’t Wu Zetian in any historical source.

And in her later life, some interesting women will show up but because the drama never focused on her as an Emperor, they don’t. Her daughter, Princess Taiping and Shangguan Wan’er. Two of the most fascinating figures that existed, but instead they dedicated more time to the harem politics.

And also, I heard one of the biggest blunders was that whoever killed Wu Zetian’s daughter, was Princess Gaoyang. Which is a huge blunder because Gaoyang was dead by that point in time, there was no way she could have done it. Unless the drama does have supernatural elements that allow a ghost to kill the baby.

It will just have been better to place the blame onto someone else, just anyone than this princess who was already forced to commit suicide by that point.

And this sums up why I’m just going to stay far far away, for the sake of my brain cells.


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