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The Empress

On some level, this lacked something. Something which will have made me love it.

Perhaps it is the change of villains, since the last book had two awesome villains which I really liked. Such as the Emperor and his mother. They were such a good villain and antagonist to the main characters.

There wasn’t anything that threatened or truly dominated them here. There was a lot of tension, a lot of moments where Tyrus and Nemesis had their relationship put to the test. And both of them did plenty of things, and made mistakes to help the other. But I didn’t feel it nearly as much as the previous book.

The stakes wasn’t really there, or nearly as threatening, or the fact that Tyrus was truly in danger. Because he wasn’t an Emperor, he was the last of the line. And they need one to be on the throne regardless of when.

The plot was still moving quite well, and the fact that developments did happen. I did care to some of the degree, but I just didn’t care the slightest for any of them. And they still entertained me quite a bit. But somehow, a lot was dependent on the previous villains who are very very much dead.

And the new ones are not half as interesting as the Emperor and his mother. A reason why I just couldn’t really like it as much as before, or love it. Something just didn’t click with me here.

Overall, still enjoyable and well written. But it just didn’t work for me. Something lacked to make the spot on my heart.

Rating: 3 out of 5


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