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Why I won’t read Harry Potter?

I have never began Harry Potter, and really now as a teenager, and in a couple more years, an adult I just don’t see the need anymore for me to read Harry Potter. And here are some of my reasons as to why it is.

#1 I just never found it enticing enough

I admit it, when I was a child Harry Potter was the phenomenon, and the last book came out when I was six. By the time I was a teenager, I had all but lost interest in it due to the copious amount of crossover fanfiction I have read. Which kept me informed about the series and what it was about. It didn’t make me into a Potterhead.

I even joined Pottermore once upon a time, but the account has all been but abandoned.

#2 I never could identify with them

I was never truly a fan of them, mostly because I saw nothing in common with all of them. I was a lonely isolated girl, who will have been more like Luna Lovegood, except with the lack of self esteem. And being a know it all like Hermione was exhausting as much as it was one of the few ways I kept attention. And really, I read because it was the only way I kept myself sane, not because I wanted the knowledge.

If anything, the only reason why my grades were decent and above average was because of my lack of friends. Not because I had lofty dreams and worked hard towards them or anything.

#3 I had other means

At that point, Naruto showed up in my television and consumed my life. I mean it. I identified a lot more with Naruto than Harry Potter, because of the fact that Naruto and I had a lot more in common. He was isolated, so was I. He was hungry for approval and acceptance, that was also the one thing I craved as well.

Although unlike the former, I don’t get that. But instead, I just let myself be who I am without any restraint.

I had the Winx Club, which has all but disappeared from me the moment I hit thirteen, other than just tuning in when it was on Nickelodeon. As time went by, I just felt it got more and more average and was for the wrong audience. Namely, girls and not teenaged girls.

And somehow made me an extremely feminine girl, I like dresses, I love accessories, I always kept my hair longer.

And this is just largely why I don’t read Harry Potter and probably won’t. Because I just don’t feel the appeal and never really understood where it came from.


3 thoughts on “Why I won’t read Harry Potter?

  1. Naruto was so good and so bad at the same time! I read the manga because the anime had so many fillters, but then the manga had its own fillers like I wanted to burn it!
    I read Harry Potter until last year, and I like it but I am not like the biggest fan you can find there. I think that even though I like it it is not the most amazing work ever read, I think is good but not worth being obsessed with it.

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    1. I agree, it was fun if you were a child at that point in time. Again, I dropped it when it ended when I was thirteen. I think it’s mostly how overrated Harry Potter was, and till now I still don’t feel like wanting to start it.

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