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Song Of A Captive Bird

This was a beautiful piece of writing, in the way the story was developed, created, and written. A woman who led a different life from most of Iranian girls.

And the fact that she will eventually go to surprise almost everyone who meets her. For she became the poetess who defied the norms, went against all stigmas of her time. Eventually, becoming world renowned.

For what she did, despite her life. Despite how many times she was forced to choose, taken against her will. And was cocered into submission, with no ability to say no or even otherwise.

And no matter what she did, it was a difficult choice. Face the world, or lose herself. There was no easy choice, her family made it as difficult as possible for her to be who she was. Hoping that she will just go to being meek, even if she never did.

And she was a woman who took her chances, as much as she could. Anytime she could. As much as she could. And I appreciated her for that, that no matter how difficult, she found a way about it. She did not start to fight from the beginning, but did it because it was for her.

To be able to live as she wanted, and choose the path she did. Not just be silenced, continuously. I enjoyed that this was such an inherent part of her personality. That she was unlikely to change at any point.

Overall, this was a story all about her. Her life, her legacy and her personal thoughts. Which I believed was well captured and even thought out. I was convinced very greatly by the book. And I greatly liked this tale of much loss, tragedy and empowerment.

Rating: 4 out of 5


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