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Incredibles 2

I remember watching the movie as a child, being enjoyable although all but faded from my memory. But the reason why this shone unlike most superhero films was that it was character first, the humor was gold, timed perfectly. And although the plot was predictable, the villain stemmed from having a real motivation.

But one thing that set it apart was that this time around, they chose someone who didn’t even have a single ounce of power. And yet, she was convicted enough and tough enough. She also has a legitimate argument. But more on that.

But mostly was how the stakes were raised, by the end it was utterly hopeless, having most of the major, powerful players taken out of the game. It didn’t even see all that likely that anything will be solved if left as it was.

Another reason why it feels fresh, despite his saturated the market has come. We just saw Infinity War, Deadpool 2 fly past, Ant Man coming in, but it was a story about a man trying to take of his kids while his wife is away, a hero turning over and rebelling against unfair laws.

And I believe the former was the most interesting of them all. Watching Bob struggle with taking care of his kids, such as Violet’s teenage romance problems, Dash and Maths (my mother will agree to that, she stopped looking at my maths a long time ago). And also, the baby was the one which provides the most laughs, but I won’t touch that.

It was enjoyable, family friendly and definitely something I will recommend. Although my brother will still have preferred Deadpool. But it was a load of fun, all the while it did have some themes behind it.

Which I think could have been tackled better, although it was perfect if you want something light. But the more I thought about it, the more I felt it was unsatisfied.

It was mostly behind the villain and her intentions, although made a whole lot of sense. She was convincing, and not menacing. But her character was never about fear, it was cynicism. She believed that we are just way too comfortable in who we are, and that we trusted people.

That was the core idea of it. And it makes sense; however will also have made a great debate. Just who should we trust, people who don’t show their identities to people, people who swore with nothing other than their aliases. Instead of making ourselves safe, taking all the precautions so that when disaster strike, we don’t need anyone to save the day because we are prepared. These are ideas that do hope some weight.

Although I do admit that this show will appeal to parents, because of how the movie shoes the struggles of being one. Their superpowers don’t make things easier, they are still going to have problems. And they still aft like any other kid of their time.

But mostly, I enjoyed just how fun it was. Although when I look deeper, there are things which are very grey when it comes to debate. But when it came to this, it isn’t about black vs white, it is about what are your values and how you see the world. The previous movie had a villain who wanted to be in the spotlight, regardless of what he does to get there. But here, the food for thought ran even deeper.

It isn’t inherently wrong to not want them, to take control. Just how you go around doing it. Although really, I do like to see about how people are also cynical of them. That they don’t trust them.

But otherwise, it was a movie that kept my attention and was fun. While keeping me thinking what was below it.


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