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The Angel Makers

This was not nearly as interesting as The Sixth Victim. The Sixth Victim had a lot of connection to Constance, and Emily as well. Linking them together.

This felt a lot less so, with the link not as strong, Emily not having too much of a reason to follow through with this. Or the fact that the stakes for Constance was not nearly as high. At least when compared to the previous book.

But I still liked the characters enough, and Constance was still an interesting character. Although I wished it had more to do with her life, than just a mystery which was not even connected to her much at all.

And perhaps more of Emily’s past could have been explored as well, the friends she made, the connections she had. Since it seemed that she knew a woman with such a history. Just that it sadly was not really focused upon. At least not as well as compared to the previous book.

Pretty decent, but pales when compared to the first book. Still solid overall, but didn’t enjoy it nearly half as much as there wasn’t much investment in this by characters except “this is bad, we need to find out why.”

Rating: 3 out of 5


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