Writing Is A Personal Process

For me, I am a firm believer in the fact that no one should tell another writer that their process is wrong. Because you don’t know what works for them.

Just like my process is something that few will ever think is common sense. Because I write two things at once, and that is how I keep inspiration and allow myself to not get tired of a story. I don’t advise anyone else, but neither will I change.

Just like some will draw their characters out or find an image. I don’t because to me appearances are never set, they can change over time. Character traits are far more important, while description of clothing is just another way I use to convey certain character traits.

Some will insist of planning first, while others will simply jump into writing. Some edit as they go, while others will finish a first draft before they even touch a word on the first page.

That is a personal process, and for a writer who has been writing for some time, this is something that will be unique to you. I will suggest Amateur writers follow writing advice to see what works for you, and once you reached a certain proficiency and understanding of yourself. Do things your own way, not their way because many say it works for them. Not necessarily as well for you.

Because only you know yourself, no other writer does. And my process is unlike a lot of writers but it works, in the only way it does.

In what ways is your process different from the others?


2 thoughts on “Writing Is A Personal Process

  1. I don’t think working two projects at once is strange. I do it all the time. Though typically that means writing short stories on the side as I work on a larger project. But when I was doing revisions on my first big project, In the Valley of Magic, I started writing flash stories on my blog from the same setting and sharing some of the cast. This collection became The Adventures of Iric. Writing the Iric stories helped significantly in developing and refining the story world, which came out in the later revisions. Seems like you know what works for you. Keep it up! đŸ™‚


  2. Although some will disagree, because technically I’m writing two rather large works at the same time. Although somehow it allows me to not get bored of writing one or the other and then drop it. And yes, sometimes it just helped in developing the story, when I was able to get a break and go back refreshed and able to find new ideas. Thanks for the compliment, and the same to you as well.


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