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Jin Xiu Wei Yang

Something has to be wrong if I can be finding a drama background noise, I kind of mean it. It was full on background noise, in the worst sense possible.

And this are the reasons why I think that it was just a recipe for disaster.

#1 The villains are driven by jealously

You know something is seriously wrong if most of the story was driven by jealously and I mean it. Both simply hated the main character because she was liked by two different guys.

If there was anything which made me want to face palm, it was that. It makes no sense and at the same time makes the women of the show seem like that they are only caring about boys. Be it good or evil.

The guy was somewhat more plausible but I will have rather they played on his fear and paranoia, which will have worked much better. Otherwise, his motivations were paper thin and his advances were plain creepy. But compared to the completed ludricious reasons, his seems decent.

#3 The Plot

If there was anything which made me even less likely to watch had been the plot. There was no character development, even if the main leads are all almost dying several times over.

There isn’t anything which makes them a little more nuanced or suggested that they have grown from their past experiences. No, it just seems that the story preferred to constantly put them in danger without ever changing much of the motives, the personalities and mostly the relationships.

And last but not least, Weiyang may have been brilliant but she was not compelling. Neither was handsome prince charming, who really was those three words. If you want me to like the story, you better give me a better reason than she’s smart, he’s hot, but nothing else.

#3 It was never smart

As much as people gush about how Weiyang was so brilliant, I never saw it that way. I never saw her be able to truly think of puzzling plots, deciphering the inner court or doing anything much of substance. It was a story told to entertain, but it was never a story about something deep.

But it failed to make me think that it was worth watching, and that was the main reason why I just couldn’t enjoy it at all. Even when I was using my phone, during the late night and missed episodes on occasion. It is still hilarious how I could still find it background noise.

These were the reasons why I just didn’t enjoy the story at all, and found it boring even when I was doing other things.


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