Why A Lot Of Chinese Period Dramas With Female Leads Are Not Feminist

#1 The Female Lead Is A Poor Representation

I have to admit to this, it is the truth that I see so often. That they aren’t good representations at all, since a lot of them are dependent on romantic relationships or hot guys to gain power. Not making use of what they have.

And an awful lot of them are terrible as real characters because they are just Mary Sues and Damsel in distress, often forced to take power to become the Empress/General/Physician etc. Not because they wanted to, or they wanted to have the power, or anything just except being forced to.

And their personalities are anything but memorable. I have to say this, you need to just lool at some of the popular dramas, and I can barely find anything. She is usually smart( although has zero common sense when it comes to the male lead, actually doing something that is important), kind-hearted, innocent, simple in demands and needs. Always end up doing something for the sake of helping, revenge or because they are out of options.

And being completely selfless.

To state it plainly, they are boring. And this formula is used for almost every idol drama these days, I don’t even need to name a few. But so many just fall into the trap, and fail to have them have meaningful development where it feels real, plausible and understandable.

And making use of the fact that they are human not the perfect representation of feminism, although the story and portrayal of them, is rarely such.

And that isn’t the worst. Let’s move onto my second point.

#2 Side Female Characters Often Are Villains

The side female characters which are given important screentime rarely are just antagonists or supporting characters. They must be cunning, despicable and steal the leading lady’s thunder. No matter how little of it is there.

But again, they are treated as one dimensional people, to be the evil to her good. Rarely is it ever done otherwise. And the most annoying example should be Li Changle, she was a jealous bimbo, it fits her perfectly. She doesn’t have any common sense or brain, and she devotes herself to a character who had time and time again just ignored her plainly.

And well, even an idiot could see that. And she just thinks that as long as someone else is gone, she can just become the apple of his eye. Yup, and what happened to her other aspects of her character and motivations. Nope, not there. Not at all. She doesn’t even have any redeeming qualities, that makes it possible for me to like her.

#3 There must be more than one love interest

This is makes me even more annoyed than before. You know that books hate love triangles, but sometimes this can go up to love pentagon(there are still much more ridiculous examples, but I’ll keep it at this.) And all the boys devote their entire beings to her.

What happened to having personal motivations as well, or having a good charming personality. Giving how Princess Weiyoung decided to make the male lead, nothing better than a prince charming vase. Everything encompassing Prince Charming is given to him with nothing else. At all.

He doesn’t even bother to think about his relationship truly seriously, and gives his all, and nothing is complex. Even a simple really well developed character had more personality than him.

And this is why I just couldn’t continue with watching Chinese dramas continuously. Even now, I’m just doing it at the pace of a snail as there are just so few of them which catches my attention.


3 thoughts on “Why A Lot Of Chinese Period Dramas With Female Leads Are Not Feminist

    1. Well, then you should avoid this. They are mostly damsels in distress, and those which are shown to be generals, physicians, Empresses, are rarely anything but the former. Although there are some gems but it is incredibly uncommon to find them.

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