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The Hate U Give

For such a book, it seems so incredibly dry. Maybe it’s because I’m not American, and I live in a country that had done a good job just dealing with race.

But it just didn’t click with me, I did not feel anything from it. Not angry about what happened to Khalil, not at how Starr was silenced nor anything about the plight of blacks.

This is a story about a girl that is afraid to speak up, because she doesn’t know what will happen to her. But it just didn’t tell that story well that it will captivate me, it didn’t. I cared immensely little about Starr despite the fact she is the main character, and the fact that she has been through a very horrifying experience.

One which few can ever relate to.

And yet, I just didn’t feel the execution was able to emote me. The premise was awesome, but the writing and the plot simply failed. It isn’t about a girl who struggles, guilts over her own best friend being shot. It loses that focus after he gets shot and dies, it just didn’t focus on the right things for me. Maybe for some, it will, but for me, it just didn’t give enough emotions and depth to the experience she had which was painful and tragic.

It just didn’t get a single reaction out of me. It is a needed voice, but I feel that it could have been refined better.

Rating: 2 out of 5


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