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Daughter Of The Siren Queen

This was a pretty fun and decent book. Nothing incredibly unique or special at all, but still a simple fun adventure. And instead of about saving the world, it is all about her family.

I appreciate that it isn’t as serious as it makes itself to be as the next time I hear about a fun adventure centering a possible world domination of destruction, I’m going to quit. And I meant it.

But it is also that which allows Alosa to have a true dilemma as she is struggling to go between her mother and father. Neither of which were good people, and the ending justified that. Both never really tries to value or understand that Alosa is more than their successor or weapon, but she should be allowed to make a choice.

And the story is simple, uncomplicated in that. It is refreshing since it makes it about her parents, focusing on how her father treated her, which to me was really really wrong in a sense. And the question about her mother. Simple, straightforward.

All the while having Riden and her have a very very solid relationship, not built on endless amount of angst. Rather some concerns about Alosa’s Siren nature and also his other aspects, just not having them have a brooding romance.

Which is perfectly understandable, and enjoyable as it works. Although the story wasn’t anything really different, or goes deep it manages to be a fun ride to occupy the time, without it ever trying to be something else. So, if you’re looking for something easy this is it.

Rating: 3.5 out of 5


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