July: New Direction

I’ll be honest here, I’m reading a lot less these days. And well, it is for the better. Because I’m finding books based on how interested am I in the premise rather than just hoping it might be good.

And that it takes a lot more than just that as well, there must be something compelling which will get me to read it in the first place.

As well as the fact that I have been dwelling over them a lot more, making me even more likely to analyse a series. Specifically what makes it good, what made it suffer. Sometimes touching into the context, other times explaining what was so good about it.

It will be for books which has gotten quite a reaction out of me and won’t happen often. Maybe once or twice a month with me cherry picking the books I want to discuss about. Because well, debate and analysis is always healthy. And it is also a way to process what I have read.

I will touch on old books as well, if it still is memorable in my brain. If not, the review will suffice.

But keep an eye out, as I will talk about series as a whole rather than just a single story. Although in certain cases, it’s just one book but has been so surprising.


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