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To Kill A Kingdom

This was okay. I like the whole concept of the story as it is, as well as the execution of the plot and packing.

The writing was rather charming and never becomes sloppy at the end of the book. It is decent, with a villain that is hinted and built upon.

However, I didn’t really completely understand the motives of the Sea Queen. She didn’t seem to want anything, there wasn’t even any thing that suggested she even liked her own daughter. Or entertained the idea that she was trying to impress her.

There was so little of exploration when it came to her character, and why she was such a horrible mother to them. Why she simply did everything.

The main characters were entertaining, but the villain lacked an awful lot of depth which will have made the story stronger, better and more memorable.

Otherwise both Lira and Elian were okay, if their sudden friendship felt way too fast, I will rather have them be mostly distrustful acquaintances until the last part of the book, which will have been a development for them.

Or why even Lira decided to start hunting princes instead of sailors. Because that still felt unexplored or why she chose princes, not noblemen, not admirals but princes. As if there are enough princes for her to kill for each year.

But Elian had an understandable reason to do so. Because he simply wanted to put an end to it. And I will have rather a lot more put into why he chose to do so when he could have done otherwise. Instead of doing it himself, raise armies, train people, but seriously it never makes sense as to why is he the head when he is a prince. And I felt that he didn’t seem to be a rebel prince either, he was obedient towards his own parents.

And this was his only defiance.

So, I can say that a lot more could have came out of them. A lot more could have went into them and their back stories and making them far more well rounded characters than this.

Otherwise, I found it quite decent, in some ways lacking but since this isn’t really that serious, I get why it isn’t as heavily looked into. But it could have been a lot better, and a lot more than what it was.

Rating: 3 out of 5


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