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Youjo Senki

If there is anything I want to say about this, it is one with the most unique protagonist. It isn’t a story about military, it is about capitalism. As the main character simply wants to work her way to the top and then have an easy life. Regardless of the methods she uses to get there.

Because Tanya at her core is someone who wants an easy quiet life. Which is kinda ironic because she signed on the military, in hopes that she will be able to get to a certain degree, then stay on the side.

And also, watching a god do so much to mess with her. I have to say it, Being X is really petty and incredibly frustrated to have decided to decide to do this. Just to a single person who doesn’t believe in this. And at the same time, I could find a reason to understand why he is so. Tired of people abandoning him, and having to judge them when they have no faith in him as it is. Those are real. And legitimate.

And most of the plot is dedicated to that. As Tanya is a very different kind of protagonist, someone who talks about how she needs to survive. And survive well.

This is sort, but displays Tanya well. Putting her in many situations, all sorts of situations that really fleshes out her thoughts and viewpoints. Which helps to develop her as a character.

So, will I continue, yes. This is only a twelve episode anime, and clearly it is an unfinished story. But I’m still interested in Tanya and her character as well as where her story was take us to. Although I’m not even sure when and whether Youjo Senki will have a season two.


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