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How Useful Is Studying To Write?

A question that is on my mind, how useful it is to have to learn how to write in school. I don’t because well I found that writing isn’t just personal for me, but at the same time it also has been something that I have to explore myself. No one can tell me how to write, and my style has evolved to be quite unique.

Although many authors seem to head back into writing school, trying to get critiques from creative writing students. But how useful is that? I spend my time in a classroom learning to code, learning to innovate instead of write. But I feel as though it has been one of the most useful ways, as I observe people more often, I spend my time working with others, joining projects, researching anything that I was interested in.

That has been much more useful to me when compared to having critiques, because I draw my own conclusions which goes into how I develop my plot, writing my characters and why they drive the story above all.

To me, it isn’t about your credentials. Although if you’re an editor, I will prefer that over your feelings, your emotions and your words. Because they are the ones who refine your voice, but when you’re a writer, I don’t think having all these credentials is all that useful.

Because we’re trying to create a story here, which requires us to do so. We can take part in critique groups which helps us refine our writing and craft, but I rarely think that we should just limit ourselves to that. Find things they you’re also interested in, go out and experience as much as you can, because you’ll always need that to write. You can’t create if you don’t keep on expanding your horizons, thinking about what’s possible.

Lastly, name writers who have never pursued writing as a degree if you’re still unsure. If you still are, go ahead, some needs the stimulating environment to create. For me, it is better not to because I just do better without it. In fact that environment will have instead been damaging to me, as I just do better when left to ponder over it myself. To write what I want, when I want.


4 thoughts on “How Useful Is Studying To Write?

  1. I think it depends on what sort of writing class you take. Classes that are just about grammar or writing rules are probably no good. The writing courses I took in college were less about “how to write” and more about being exposed to writing. Different styles, different takes. The classes were centered around peer reviewing our classmates. It meant we had to read a lot, review and comment, and have our work commented on. I think those sorts of classes can be great. And if you’re lucky, you might make a few longterm writing friends, which are always useful.

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    1. I do agree about those classes although I’m not able to afford them as of yet. I’m interested in taking courses about writing in the future, but when it comes to a degree in writing, I might just give a pass because ultimately, I will still want to be able to write however I want, and if it is well received, then fine. If it isn’t, at least it’s not my main source of income.

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  2. Yes, it’s understood that you don’t need to get an education in writing to write, but it ultimately depends on what you want to do. If you want to be a professional writer (as in paid to write), you look better with some education under your belt. Of course, if you want to self-publish or just submit your work to an agent, you don’t need education, but learning is not a bad thing. In the end, it depends on the writer’s goals and what they hope to accomplish.

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    1. Well I do intend to do that in my free time and just join some classes, but not let it become my main thing as I prefer to write when I want. It’s more of the ability to dedicate my energies to my works instead of working on others. And yes I agree that it depends on a writer, but for some it just doesn’t seem that that necessary for me to know. Since I’m not intending to go professional, unless of course I get an agent and a publisher.


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