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Children Of Blood And Bone

It was gripping at the start, but seened to have lost that later on in the book.

With a middle that is neither interesting nor really hitting the right dots to connect me emotionally. As well as a world that will have made me interested.

This just fails to really make me care about the characters. Because none of them feel particularly real, or vivid enough for me to like them. Most of them seen to be one dimensional without much real development or making me care about the stakes.

The story seemed to just went off after Zelie and Amari left the palace, with almost nothing else seeming to replace all that tension. And they just have a friendship, which is highly unrealistic and confusing as to why it happened.

I will have not minded slower pacing, and having her brother excluded from it. He just seemed to have been used to take up additional space. And really he wasn’t a compelling character.

I think the concept was interesting, but the details, the execution could have been a lot better. A lot more on the two driving the plot, because Inan for all his conflicted views didn’t add any depth.

At the end, I will have preferred to just have a slower story, with more development than the crammed story I got. It just felt that everything happened because of plot and not because it just did.

Rating: 2 out of 5


3 thoughts on “Children Of Blood And Bone

  1. ohhh this is such a low rating haha I have seemed people going crazy for the books! first as an ARC and then as an out of the stores’ book! I know this is about powers and all that but I didn’t think the execution was that bad hmmm
    I think this was to hyped for me to like XD

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    1. I think the hype killed it, and mostly because the story simply bored me to death. I’m a fan of stories with complex relationships being explored as well as themes, plot and character. This was just a little too simple for my liking.

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