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These Vengeful Souls

Well, overall I did think that it was a solid final book. Although there was a whole lot less of enjoyment here. I meant it.

The story behind with Evelyn and against Captain Goode. Who is one of the least charmistic villains since he barely makes an appearance, which unfortunately will have at least made this far more of a memorable book.

And the first person narration is just way way too limited, since we are only siding with Evelyn and I didn’t care for her as much as I did before, she is sensible, but not compelling as a main character now as before.

And yet, I don’t think the story delved deep into her psyche and the reason why she felt the way she did. It was superficial, but failed to really make it feel like an integral part of her. She doesn’t face it, neither does she end up growing from it.

It was the same. I think more could have been done to allow Evelyn more chance to grow, to really understand why she chose it. It felt like a quick book about action, superpowers, but never went any deeper than that into how it effected the characters.

Overall, solid in all ways but so hollow when it came to the core of the story and the characters.

Rating: 3 out of 5


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