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Defy The Worlds

In this case, I did want to see Noemi being much more challenged than she was. Although the ending ended in a way that I didn’t except it to at the very least.

Abel, on the other hand is a little too robotic for my liking right now. Often lacking in certain areas, and sometimes his story seemed to lack a lot of the tension that could have been such much better.

The stakes were there, to make Abel care for the situation. To care for Noemi and her situation.

Noemi’s story is still as much as a struggle it is in the first book, although much less profound which could have been used to bring them together when they had their reunion.

But nonetheless, what I saw in the ending was quite different. And will change things.

I guess a main deal had been the writing, I didn’t get to see Noemi in a lot of conflict, doing much of anything. The same could be said of Abel as well, the issue wasn’t that there was not anything there. It was a lack of defining moments for both of them, and a time when they should have really risen and did things.

I guess the disappointment was there. Was that I didn’t get to see the characters fail horribly and watch their situations go from bad to worse, or their dilemmas, fatal flaws which will have them fail. That was all it failed to make me care about, and well it is fatal in storytelling. Because I won’t feel the weight of the things they are going through.

Rating: 3.5 out of 5


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