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Having A Writing Style

Have you realised that after a while, you tend to have a certain style and touch. For me, I have came to realise that.

My stories have a very strong feel of mystery in them, often paired with fantasy. Sometimes, I add in intrigue, other times it can be other things. But a mysterious and fantastical atmosphere has always been present in plenty of works that I have looked at.

Even if the genres change slightly, even if the story elements change quite a lot. I realise that I rely a lot of mystery to build up tension, leaving plenty of clues throughout and have the past play an integral part. And I love to add a very soft kind of fantasy, which tends to focus on human minds, emotions and pscyhe. I rarely come up with fantastical creatures, but instead love to explore morality, and personalities.

Sometimes, I think about diversifying into other genres. But with each other going back to having something mysterious and fantastical, I just feel that this is where I belong. Writing stories set in worlds where nothing is black or white, but in shades of grey, characters who are awfully mysterious, and many have hidden pasts that by all means they don’t want out. And yet are charming, full of wit and lovable. They are complex, with stories behind them before they start.

For me, I don’t think I might ever go from this. Or maybe I might after a while. Or I might just decide to branch out after some time. But for now, this is what I write, and it seems that it is a style that won’t change for quite some time.


2 thoughts on “Having A Writing Style

    1. Thanks, I did think that since I don’t do so much of genre jumps now or rather just couldn’t find the right thing to write even if it was in another genre. Or I just combine them with fantasy when I’m done with the story as it is.

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