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Hero At The Fall

This was just okay. It wasn’t anything that I will have considered incredibly different from the rest, but it was a lot more entertaining than a lot of books.

The story clears and ties up all the ties, and the ending is predictable. Not that the book was dealing with anything really interesting. I’ll call this an epic for the final book, dealing with the ties and all the heroism.

But it just didn’t surprise me, it was just way too predicable. Even with the previous book. But there was barely any battles of wits, just some action, Amani making decisions but at the end of the day heading nowhere as it is taken out of her hands much later.

Or at least what she does is inconsequential. Half of the book was about constant finding, nothing about exploring the Sultan, nothing about the complex relationships or giving any depth to the Sultan at all.

He was originally a ruthless villain, but here he was relegated to the sidelines without any pages really given to him. Because he wasn’t truly a villain, he was a Sultan first, and his own interest always came first. That of his throne ahead of his people.

This doesn’t deal with that, instead it was a lot on the rebellion, but I was wondering where was the emotional investment, where was the moments that the Sultan showed his personality and what he was capable of. That will make me fascinated with him or root against him.

This was why it became so predictable at the end of the day. Even Balhad, who was her father was nothing really memorable. I will have liked more pages being given to him and developing him as a character first.

Or the other characters whom I can’t even name because I just cannot remember them any longer. I feel that the book didn’t do as good a job at juggling all of them. Giving them moments to shine, and allowing them to be more than just members of the rebellion as I remember them.

This was just a case where I felt so underwhelmed, although the plot was pretty good at keeping all the plot threads together, except for ignoring the key aspects which made the previous book so good. And the characters, I felt didn’t grow enough or really go through a personal journey here.

Rating: 3 out of 5


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