2 stars · Books

The Lie Tree

I was just so bored by all of it. Faith wasn’t even a good character that kept my interest at all, her father had been the most intriguing character of them all.

The moment he scolded Faith, and said those words. It was one of the most memorable of them all. And the most interesting part of the book. I understood why it was going to be like this.

Faith just seemed not that compelling, she was just way too passive even though she was willing to go through all the means to get what she wants. Regardless of how hard it is, and the fact that she spends her time consistently making herself better.

But I just didn’t feel why was she pushing herself to such a degree, and at times I was just bored at the way things were going. About Faith and her lies were an interesting angle but it just felt wah too unfocused on.

And her relationship with Howard was even blander, I was wondering why Faith even stuck with him. Other than being forced to. And why he was such a character in the first place. Faith had her moments but Howard seemed to be entirely boring.

And this was why I just couldn’t enjoy it, other than her father whose one shining moment made me enjoy him. Although in a way that I still wanted to strangle him.

Rating: 2 out of 5


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