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It has an interesting concept, but it just focused on all the wrong things. The story was about time as a currency, and the effects it will have on a world that still is based on a limited amount of time allocated to each person.

But this focused on everything except it. Jules is one of the names that I associate with Julian Blackthorn and still overshadows her completely. Not to mention so entirely modern given how I felt the setting and society had been medieval or even Victorian.

And seriously, Roan, Liam, and these were supposed to be nobility. Those sounded like it belonged to the farm boys or nicknames just not as real names. And still really, what setting does the book want to have. Names are weird enough to come from modern America, description wise it felt Victorian, the society I thought it was medieval.

And it never addresses how shoddy the world building was, with nothing really elaborated on about how blood iron works. How time works here. And what are the implications of it and the effects it has on society.

Can I mention that Jules is probably one of the worst narrators. She focuses way too much on her father, which is nice but entirely pointless. She isn’t all that bright. I think it will have benefitted from a third person perspective, because she isn’t strong enough to carry the story on her own.

And sometimes, when she was with the Gerling brothers. It never makes sense to me at all. Jules has entirely no reason to be with the Queen or with them, even with her father as a motivation. She just lacks a purpose or any compelling traits other than being strong willed and caring for her father.

Nice, but not entertaining nowadays for Victorique. And is still not a reason to simply forgive the fact that her character has barley anything going for her.

However one of the highlights is Caro. I won’t spoil anyone, but she gave the most memorable lines which was the only time I was actually reading. Also, I thought the Queen will have been a more interesting figure but sadly she fades into the background after a while.

And that’s about it, although I don’t want to talk about everything. Since I think this were what really killed it for me at the end of the day.

Also, this is a book you should read if you want to know what you should not do when it comes to epic fantasy. It isn’t an insulting piece of literature, but it does show what is wrong with the genre at times. Other than the extremely compelling villain, she was the one thing which I read seriously.

Rating: 2 out of 5


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