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The Memory Eaters

A quest about a man seeking his past. I did expect it to have been more epic an adventure, more interesting a situation. And much more fascinating a moment.

It was none of that.

I have to admit, it was a journey meant to be undertaken. But I didn’t feel that it was a journey. While the characters didn’t have their viewpoints challenged, the world having something interesting.

It just felt so hollow at the end of the day. Sudare had a lot of potential because she was several centuries old, that should have been more than easy enough to make a story out of that.

I liked having someone who have grounded her. But I didn’t feel anything from her interactions with Amando, who was very ill fittingly chosen as the main character. He didn’t have the personality being a blank slate and he was boring to read.

He wasn’t even entertaining, and his and Sudare’s moments were passable at best. The story didn’t give them a meaningful relationship, or have moments where Amando could remember. Could even see.

Or even really felt that the memory eaters were properly developed. An even bigger issue had been the focus on the other story, except that it leads nowhere. There is no payoff, and they are the villains, they don’t even entertain. I wanted some complex family dynamics, a chance to be able to see how a father who despised his son but loved his grandson will have done.

This has none of that. The relationship is barely touched upon, and it seemed pointless other than to give them an interesting fact.

I think the story could have done away with their pages, and instead focused solely on Sudare and Amando, given them the proper development which will have made it so satisfying. It felt lacklustre and more time could when exerted to make their relationship even more unique than it is.

Although I still don’t understand why Amando was chosen, when it could have went with someone with everything to forget. And wants her to eat it.

But it had an interesting story, but doesn’t execute it right. I was invested in knowing Sudare and her past, as well as Amando. The ending was nice, open ended and the end to their journey. Although I will have liked more closure because it just seems top vague and ambiguous.

This was just unable to handle the unique relationship, Sudare being quite different, and the pages dedicated to something which still made no sense to me.

Rating: 2.5 out of 5


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