Tokyo Ghoul

Well, this was a series that I got myself into. On and off, really on and off. At times I just stay away from it, and others I read it rather religiously. And a lot at the same time.

The idea of ghouls was brilliant. And the concepts regarding the whole idea of having to eat humans is well developed, delved into at such a deep level that I’m actually surprised and quite satisfied with it. Although this is a manga of a lot of tragedy and psychological horror.

But it is a discussion of monsters being humans, as is seen here. As ghouls are not just monsters, while humans don’t really act as them. Ghouls are hunted mercilessly, and in the eyes of them are not even a person. They are simply a monster who needs to be destroyed, regardless of the cost.

And the manga displays it very well. With the complex portrayal of the CCG, and the ruthless ways they hunt ghouls, use them and then dispose of them. All because they are a threat to society. And not because they are trying to find a way.

A lot is on Kaneki’s mental mindset, the way that he is a foot in two worlds. And the way that he is willing to protect everyone regardless of the costs, as shown in the manga every time. He at times eluded me, in terms of his thinking. But the other characters do make up quite a lot, as well as become interesting to the storyline.

Such as Touka, Uta, Eto and Amon, in :Re the clowns, Furuta, Arima Kishou, etc. All of them are characters that make Tokyo Ghoul a lot more interesting, and are people that I like. Kaneki is perfect as a main character for such a story, and I did feel for him, relate to him. But not to the level that I liked the side characters.

Tokyo Ghoul worked, even if the plot at times flew over my head, but it never is something that I grew tired of. It entertained me quite a lot, and there is an addicting quality to it, which I can say is all about the characters, the setting, and the plot could be at times rather confusing. I cared in :Re about Haise knowing that he was Kaneki, the emotions he felt.

And the people from his past that were showing up. All at the same time. And it was the fact that I really liked them, that I continued. As much as I couldn’t stop reading quite a lot of it.


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