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The Phantom Tree

I feel as though this simply lacked something, which is heart. The story seems to be written with no clear sense of what it really wanted to do.

It was clunky and at times hard to follow. I cared for almost none of the characters and never found them endearing or even enjoyable. Which will have benefitted the book immensely.

The timeline is at times boring, I felt nothing that tied me to the Tudors, which were arguably the most identifiable and notorious periods of English histories. It is fresh, the history could be interpreted in so many ways.

And why I loved it. It was a period of high unrest, with the slightest change being able to change much of the world as it was. This clearly didn’t know what to do with the world, the society and the history. Which I understand was limited by sources at the point in time, but never to the degree that I didn’t have an idea where it was set in.

Ultimately, this happened to be none of it. Alison was incredibly difficult to understand, as much as I didn’t feel a connection to her. I just didn’t feel that the plot was set up in a way that will have drawn me into the series, or even keep my attention.

Rating: 2 out of 5


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