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Something that I found to be rather different from the norm. About a girl who could die anytime and was so different. About her best friend who goes on to suspect and seek her.

This was taking some rather common things and gave it a whole new spin. Although it doesn’t do so masterfully, but the effort is there and at times the writing was memorable and caught me off guard. The story seemed to be guided in some way, and clear with where it was heading.

But at times, I feel that it doesn’t engage me neither does it make full use of the cast. Her parents are still throwaways, lacking of any personality and barely present. Her actual mother isn’t all that developed and I felt nothing for her.

Apart from Jason, none of them really stand out. Which is an issue, which apart from the gorgeous writing couldn’t cover. I simply didn’t grasp fully why it meant so much for them.

Why Jason chased Aza, why Aza all of a sudden returned back to earth. All of this was not clearly hinted, developed or felt natural. It just flew over my head at the end of the day.

But the strongest points are the great writing and atmosphere of mystery. It is strong. The voice of Aza is too, although Jason needs to be more distinguishable.

Overall, this was somewhat interesting if a little underwhelming. It did take a swerve on normal things, but also at the same time manage to do something different.

Rating: 3 out of 5


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