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The Relevoution of Marina M

This was one huge epic, that managed to keep things fresh and be an epic. It isn’t about just a life, it was all the details and how it impacts Marina. As she went through one of the most difficult times in history, the Russian Revolution.

The most addictive parts are the middle portion, with her and Genya being the highlight, and I greatly enjoyed them. For the highs and the lows. Although I feel that how it fell apart was radical, and even ridiculous at times.

To her and Kolya, which were at times really really underdeveloped. And at times I just wondered what made them so special. There was a charm about Genya initially that worked so well, but faded the moment it came to Kolya.

But I realise that Marina later on has went through a lot. In just the span of two years. She went from a home, to living on the fringes of the society. And never doing anything more than that at times.

Although this was about Marina and what made her who she is. A woman who never seems to fit in, has saw the best and worst of people. Her life within two years was miserable, uncertain. And certainly shaped the Marina we saw in the first chapter.

This is a slow book, which tells about Russia’s change. As well as Marina and her place in the world, or lack there of. She never really fits in or makes a choice. She drifts, sometimes whole, sometimes broken, sometimes changed. But she still does it.

And this is her story, not one that can be fast or simplified into a single book. Because her entire character has been through a lot of change, and there is a lot more to explore. As for where Marina will go, and whether she will truly be able to find a place that is her own.

But by the end, she has changed a lot. She has been through a lot. And I feel for it. And this is why I read this behemoth of a book to the end. And will be willing to check out the next work.

Rating: 4.5 out of 5


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