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I feel so underwhelmed by what was given. This wasn’t some incredibly gripping thrillers, it had me skimming the pages because of the incredible lack of substance. This was neither a good dystopian, because they were killed because of just overpopulation. What sort of overpopulation that needed this kind of methods.

And most importantly, it failed to make anything feel real. The issue about a lot of trilogies is that they often have grand ideas, and this was good as a concept, but I feel that there just wasn’t enough space for it to go as a world. I can’t buy into the world, and brother June nor Day were compelling enough.

One core issue is how the story failed to get the plot entertaining, sharp around all its edges. Last but not least, it didn’t feel like it had personal stakes or emotional weight. June lost her brother, but I don’t feel it. Day lost more than half his family, and the same occurs.

There lacks a solid character arc for them, or anything behind their pasts and anything that is morally grey. Everything feels like it was there to give a reason to fight the system, not enough thought behind why it exists and how it will effect.

Don’t the parents ever thought about their child and realise why? Why haven’t the Patriots gain much popularity, because it is certain that even with the Republic’s control, with their methods the Patriots will have been much more of a presence here. When people are desperate, curious they want to know. If they are as long lasting as they were, people who have suspected will have known a long time ago.

And really, in a time of plagues why the hell are they killing kids off? Even those with low intelligence will be useful as slave labour and helping the economy.

June is not entertaining, she’s badass but nothing grounds her. Same for Day. There is a lack of exploring how deep their ties went, and really Metias seemed the most intriguing character given his willingness to work within and ability to hide.

As for Day, why can’t he be just a regular rebel, someone who has become the person willing to take the most dangerous job. Being the best distraction there is so the Patroits can focus, can order and finally turn over the game. Not being one because he wants to go against them.

Overall, I just couldn’t really understand where this was coming from anymore. It isn’t fun, it is deathly serious but doesn’t make it really entertaining in the first place. It lacks the depth that made all this dystopian serious works work so well, a genuine criticism on society and a message to present.

Rating: 2 out of 5


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