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It was not even the most interesting of sequels. I didn’t think that the stakes were there. There were some elements which kept me reading.

But I think that it generally was because both Alyssa wasn’t that interesting. Neither were her parents, who took a more central focus. I did enjoy the change, but I didn’t think it managed to sustain my own interest.

I did like that her family had connections to Wonderland, and little else was needed to really explain why Alyssa was so drawn to them.

I guess it just lacked context, it lacked some meaning behind the story. It was nice to know what was going on, but I don’t know how this ties back to Alyssa and her character.

She is forced to deal with everything, and at the same time, there isn’t much conviction from her side. It was compelling initially but by this point it had lost most of what made it okay initially. And not building enough up to have it still be enjoyable.

Alyssa was a nice choice for a main character, but I feel that she lacked something which will have kept her compelling even till the end. Jeb didn’t change all that much either, but he wasn’t an important part of the book.

But mostly, it was Morpheus. I feel as though his character could have been expanded here. Delved upon. It does, but never deeply that it makes it important for him in the first place.

I feel that it did have something going for it, and never really challenged or forced Alyssa to make a choice. Or to have it change the game entirely enough in book three. The ending was surprising, not in a good way and not in the way which kept me reading.

I guess it just wasn’t to my expectations at this point, possibly because my tastes has changed so much since I started.

Rating: 2 out of 5


2 thoughts on “Unhinged

    1. And chances are because my tastes has changed radically. Since my 5 stars these days are given to books that rarely heard of, and I just fished out of some corner of the library.


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