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The Chalk Man

This was a lot more disappointing than I thought it was. In the sense that it didn’t really surprise me or challenge my thinking.

I did wanted a thriller which caused Ed to question everything, something with a lot more threads thrown around and linked together.

It doesn’t really affect him as his father was not the key. It doesn’t change him deep inside but only keeps him as who he is, barely in fact.

The characters here were hard to define, and most of them were anything but eye-catching or unique. Most of them don’t have much relevance. With those having strong part being either dead, gone or just missing.

As a result I at times felt the plot didn’t seem to know where it was going. Although the ending was addictive, and really really different. I was reading that part because it just seemed so surreal, but the events leading up to it made no sense.

As for why it was in 1986, when I simply could skip it because it doesn’t add much to the plot. Narrating in first person by a twelve year old is limiting, but at the same time it doesn’t do much to provide important parts of the story.

And all the puzzling mysteries are either enigmas, or just far too simple. It doesn’t get the complexity that others do, and neither does it manage to be thrilling.

This was just disappointing at the end of the day, for someone who enjoys being on for a good ride and having to read between the lines.

Rating: 2 out of 5


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