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Personality and Me

Recently, I took a personality test. I got an ENTP-A. Honestly, I thought that it was one of the most accurate even if I wasn’t a complete fit. But for most part, it explained why I behave the way I do.

This has never been clearer as to what kind of person I truly am. The fact that although I love talking to people, I also can be exhausted. I like to think constantly, about the possibilities and the future. About what is possible and all the solutions and ways I should go about it.

And my ideas as a writer exploits all the viewpoints as I’m a perceiver, I see the world as having endless different opinions and there is no right way to do things. Everyone had their own problems and secrets, and it is normal.

And it influences my writing in how it shapes my worlds, my characters and their psychology and issues. As well as how I plan and plot. But many will say that this doesn’t really effect writing as much as it should, but I disagree. All writers put a little about themselves and their viewpoints on their characters. That’s why for me, my style is influenced by how I view the world and how I go around doing it.

How does this play into my writing process? Plenty.

One, I tend to be a planster. I often do not just try and figure it out on the way, I keep a simple and very bare outline. Which helps me to push the story into the right direction or the ending that I visioned and thought about. I don’t choose one or the other. One simply has me give up on the story because I just don’t know where it is going, the other kills off the creativity or it just becomes useless.

And the way that I plan and write, is to make me keep the momentum and the ideas going. Not try and find inspiration because I will just get nothing done. And I jot down all my other ideas and keep them for later. When I am more able to think of better ideas and ways to make the story come alive.

It also makes sense why I choose this over the other methods, where people follow strictly. Because it just doesn’t work for me, I am rather abstract and whenever I try to implement the order rather than doing it the organic way, I tend to either be bored or even tend to lose sight of the way I do should do things.

For me, I tend to follow what works for me more than what has the best efficiency. Because that is what works for me at the end of the day above all else.

For me, my personality suggests how I work and why I work the way I do. It isn’t made for everyone, and it is a very personal process. And for me, it is just how I work. A writer needs to discover what works for themselves, not necessarily have to follow another format strictly.

What about you? How does your personality play into your process?


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