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The Midnight Front

All I had managed to do was not sleep in the book. I didn’t really enjoy it, neither did I hate it to the very core.

Yes, I don’t really think any of it really intrigued me. The magic system did appear to try to be unique, but again it didn’t make itself feel fresh.

Neither did it try to make both Anja and Cade really intriguing characters. In the way that will have defined them as interesting characters, rather than the regular protagonist.

I feel as though the world war 2 label had been slapped with no real meaning behind it, and no clear exploration. There were a ton of mentions of the Nazi, but nothing which makes me really buy into what is happening.

And why are they on a grand tour of Europe in the first place. Since they go to France and of course Russia, for some reason.

It didn’t really go deep into the reasons why they existed, how the world was separate. The characters didn’t really entertain me at the least.

This just wasn’t what I expected. Although I did like the writing and the plot. It was fine, but it just didn’t do so well when it came to execution.

Rating: 2 out of 5


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