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The Chilbury Ladies Choir

Well, I was surprised at how a series of letters and journals could make me love a story more than the actual story.

Everything here is narrated and has happened. But it doesn’t take it away at all. In fact, if it was done normally I might have been bored to tears. As here, I could get a good sense of the character, and each part of them. Venetia and all her sides, Kitty, Mrs Tilling and let’s not forget Miss Paltry.

If there was anything which made me enjoy the story, it was how each character was different, but in their own way. And developed from the initial stereotypes they were.

Mrs Tilling, the woman who is most associated with being a nice lady actually threatens someone who deserves it in the book. Venetia, who was meant to be the classic horrible older sister who has immoral relations, has a surprising amount of depth and empathy when her story came out. And Kitty, who seems to be the poor sister, actually does something wrong.

All of them are women who made mistakes, and simply learned to forgive the other. Even Miss Paltry who is the one who blackmails, makes deals behind their backs and also at the same time has no remorse and sees things to her own benefits.

Each character has their flaws and strengths. While some do a lot more than others, and the main idea behind this was redemption. Miss Paltry simply looks for opportunities and it was not as though she benefited immensely from it. And the same for the Brigadier, who wanted a son at all means, but by the end also had his dues.

I feel that this was not a story about good or evil, but about people living through a hard time. And people finding strength from it, and the ability to continue and support each other. Which is what the Chilbury Ladies Choir does.

A different but brilliant story, will recommend.

Rating: 4.5 out of 5


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