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Yukoku No Moriarty

There was something about this manga that drew me in. Apart from the fact it is an unusual retelling. And well, it does do the premise justice enough.

Although I have to admit that the plot which doesn’t have a focus on Sherlock is extremely boring. Sometimes endearing, but mostly forgettable and I tend to really have some issues remembering.

However whenever Sherlock was shown, he managed to surprise me. And make me care. The beginning caught my attention, with how different it was. In how the focus on Moriarty was enough to make me sympathize, but also know that this isn’t just a victim.

It is a story of a villain who chooses to become the catalyst, the one who will do what it takes to change. No matter how hard it is.

And this is a nice take, as both characters are polar opposites. Sherlock isn’t some righteous detective, he doesn’t do it because it’s right, but because he finds it interesting. Moriarty didn’t go to such means because he wanted to be the best crime Lord, but out of real empathy and conviction to change things.

And that’s why this is fresh. It takes Sherlock Holmes and spins it in a way that tells a new story, and well I’m on for the ride despite the less than stellar plot, but it has potential.


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